SmartMom Review


While scrolling through Facebook, SmartMom keeps showing up as a recommended page.  Maybe you’ve seen it, too.  It shows a picture of a toddler playing in a giant inflatable swimming pool in some family’s palatial living room with the tag line, “Our moms have great ideas.”

Okay, whatever.

I installed the SmartMom app (which is free) without reading the reviews.  Mistake.  The entire app is just a message wall with moms posting various questions.  And by various, I mean different moms post the same five questions over and over again.

  • When can I give my baby solids?  Wait, you mean I can’t give my 8-week old cereal?  Why?  She’s big for her age and obviously has an advanced stomach.
  • I had my baby two weeks ago.  Why haven’t I lost 30 pounds yet?
  • My baby is drooling and gnawing on things and fussy.  What is this phenomenon?
  • My child has a cough/runny nose.  We’re going to the emergency room.  What should I expect?  I think it’s bubonic plague.
  • My husband refuses to change diapers, do laundry, cook dinner, or hold our baby.  All he does is play video games.  Is this normal?

As you answer these questions on SmartMom, you accrue points.  These points help you win their monthly giveaways.  Honestly, I lasted about 10 days on this app before I deleted it.  A free B.O.B. stroller just wasn’t worth it.

I get it, though.  Even though I may not be a first-time mom anymore, we are still discovering new firsts in our children’s development and have questions.  However, this app is seriously ridiculous and showed me nothing…besides the world has absolutely no common sense, and apparently no one uses a regular pediatrician anymore.  Instead of the inflatable swimming pool, SmartMom creators should consider this little guy’s wise words:



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