Good Day Sunshine!

Sometimes (okay…almost always) holidays and school breaks give me a nervous twitch. They throw off my kiddo’s routines, and we’re constantly looking for a cheap way to entertain and exhaust our big boys. When the weather is chilly and skies dreary, Thing 1 and Thing 2 tend to plug into their iPads or destroy the house.  Usually it’s a mix of both.  Thank goodness for sunshine and temperatures thawing on Monday. Nana and I packed up the kids and had a great day at Maymont!

We started at the Nature Center, then visited the wildlife exhibits.  The boys are always fascinated with the bridges, tiny waterfalls, and animals.  In the spring and summer, we like to play in the gardens.



The boys also tested the laws of gravity.  What goes up…


…must come down.


Monkey see, monkey do.


Mission accomplished.  That is one seriously tired middle child.

2015/01/img_0986.jpgBut not too tired for a pitstop at Carytown Cupcakes on our way home.  We LOVE this place!  I shared a couple bites of my carrot cupcake with the baby.  Judging by that sweet face, I think he approves.


2015/01/img_0990.jpgThe day made me think of the Beatles song… I need to laugh, and when the sun is out I’ve got something I can laugh about.  I feel good, in a special way.  I’m in love and it’s a sunny day.